Studio One - Floor Plan

The project of Select Studio One is crafted with 31 floors fully designed with a plush architecture. It is the perfect blend of amenities and features. The floor plan of these units is comprised in the space of studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedrooms apartments. People can comfortably select the appropriate and suitable apartment from these flawless spaces and live a rejuvenating life.

Type-1A-A One Bedroom 785.87 Sq Ft
Type-1A One Bedroom 723.12 Sq Ft
Type-1B One Bedroom 591.69 Sq Ft
Type-1C One Bedroom 603.53 Sq Ft
Type-2A Two Bedroom 996.74 Sq Ft
Type-2B Two Bedroom 828.50 Sq Ft
Type-2C Two Bedroom 1109.11 Sq Ft